Dynasty Spas


Taking a spa is enjoyable all year round, but it’s even more so in the winter. There is nothing better than enjoying warm and relaxing water to forget the inconveniences of the cold season and appreciate its beauty, The special insulation of Dynasty Spas allows the water to remain at a high temperature even in the coldest weather. Whether you want to spice  up an evening with friends, relax, or relieve your joint and muscle pain you can enjoy the benefits of Hydrotherapy 365 days a year.

  • Heat-shield RMAXTM Insulation System.
  • Multi- Layered fiberglass spa shell.
  • Foil faced RMAXTM Foam Panels.
  • Maintenance free Confer Skirting.
  • ABS Permanent Bottom.
  • Floor entirely covered with heat reflecting bubble insulation.
  • Heated airspace.
  • Up to 7 times the R-value of competing models, additional protection from freezing. Unique design protects equipment and allows easy access for maintenance and additional options.
  • Acts as a sound barrier.

Dynasty Spas goes through a series of testing for the heat-shield name. We test the water temperature and regulate the process of heating, Dynasty Spas has it own Research and Development lab, to ensure your Dynasty Spas will keep you relaxed for years to come.